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Spanish Lessons in Mexico – Why Learn the Spanish Language?

donkey and wagonAre you looking into learning Spanish while in Mexico? In our increasingly interconnected world, being able to communicate in another language other than your native tongue can be a treasured skill. Achieving this capability is also as easy as it is useful due to the number of language schools offering language courses for non-native speakers. If you travel a lot, whether for work or pleasure, this is something you should look into.

Why the Spanish language amongst other available languages? This is because Spanish is not just spoken in Spain but also in the countries that were once Spanish colonies. In fact, the language is widely used in Central and South American countries to name a few. Spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide, of which 88% consider it as their native language, this language will enable you to connect to more people in your travels.

The third most widely spoken language, following English and Chinese, as well as being second in having the most number of native speakers, Spanish is an official language of the United Nations and its affiliated organisations. Apart from Central and South American countries where it is a primary or official language, there are also other countries where it gets spoken and used as a secondary language.

Aside from giving you the ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking individuals, learning another language in itself is a way of improving your critical thinking skills. Whatever profession you hold, the capacity to think critically will be an asset in your field. When you travel, being able to speak, read, and write in the language of the country you are visiting helps you see the place in a whole new perspective. In your next travels to Spain, Mexico, or even Equatorial Guinea, for example, you’ll easily interact with the locals.

Being able to understand and be understood by locals will ease a lot of travel issues and make your stay more enjoyable. You can easily ask for directions, the time, the best places to visit, the restaurant and shops that locals highly recommend. And the possibility of you getting scammed when you travel is lessened. When you interact with the locals in their language, this will also add to the possibility of gaining more friends wherever you go in the world.

Being bilingual will also increase your chances of finding more work. For example, as the Hispanic population increases, careers in the fields of translation, teaching, and social work will be available for you.

Regarding personal interests and entertainment, learning Spanish will also open several doors for you. Art, literature, film and music in the Spanish language abound. The Spanish culture and tradition is very rich and will not just expose you to a new culture but also add to your knowledge and enjoyment of various other art forms.